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G.P. Medical Supplies

G.P. Head Bandage Wraps

G.P. Head Bandage Wraps

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5" Head Bandage wrap was specifically designed for individuals who have experienced a head injury. When you are in the throws of an emergency and you are trying to save a life, sometime that split second can be the differences between life and death. These wraps were created to help health professionals do their best at what they are good at with minimal delays. Our wraps are made with a non stick, super absorbent and stretchy material to allow adjustments to allow room for swelling. This wrap is a must-have for any first aid kit and emergency preparedness kits and can be used for a wide variety of body aches, sprains and injuries. 

 Product Specifications 

  • Overall Dimensions –32” long x 4.50” wide
  • Bandage Absorption Area - 28”long x 4.50” wide
  • Absorption Material - Fluff Pulp wood fibers and Polyacrylate
  • Absorption Liner –Base is PUL Waterproof Fabric and Top layer is Polypropylene Non Woven Material
  • Base Layer – Spandex 2 way stretch material
  • Closure System – Low Profile hook and loop

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