No one but us left behind!

No one left behind. How many times have we heard this and know that there
is always someone left behind? I’ve worked with individuals who have intellectual disabilities for quite some time now, and I have realized that this population is constantly left behind and often feels like their medical needs are not as important as the general population. When I started creating these bandages, I was looking for a way to make this fun for this population. It is often a tough task trying to assist an artistic client who doesn’t necessarily understand the importance of
sitting still long enough to have a bandage applied properly. It’s not their fault. We are not all born the same way, but it is our job as caregivers to help them be as comfortable in their setting as possible during a medical emergency.
So I created these bandages to help not only this demographic group but also people in the medical field. When you are in the midst of an emergency you need the most effective and easiest solution to get your patient bandaged up because time is of the essence, and sometimes you hold that individual's life in your hands.
Let's face it when an emergency arrives, no one has their head fully in the game as much as we would like to think that we do there are 100 things going on in our brain properly dressing a bandage should not be something that’s taking your mind away from providing your patient with quality care. Our bandages and wraps are effective and they make it fun for individuals to engage with their clients and patients to lighten the mood during a time that could be scary for most. So please join us by purchasing one bandage at a time to help us towards our cause of
improving the way we provide care to clients in need around the world.