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3" G.P. Leg Bandage Wrap

3" G.P. Leg Bandage Wrap

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3" G.P. Leg Bandage Wrap was specifically designed for individuals who have experienced a injury to their leg of any kind. Our leg wraps have been used on individuals who have experienced lower and upper leg injury. When you need a wrap that allows you to choose your pressure points and can easily be applied and adjusted with no sticky adhesive. This is the bandage for you! You no longer have to wear wraps that bunch up or painful wrap that cuts off your blood circulation anymore. No need to shave before putting on our bandages because we engineered our bandages to be taken on an off as many times as you need to adjust to your injury without giving you a wax job. If you need to apply pressure to your wound or allow space for swelling and compression where needed, look no more as our bandages are fully adjustable, made with a non stick, super absorbent and stretchy material. Our wraps reduces inflammation, swelling, relieves pain, and accelerates recovery for those suffering from acute or chronic injuries. These wraps were created to help health professionals do their best at what they are good at with minimal delays. This wrap is a must-have for any first aid kit and emergency preparedness kits and can be used for a wide variety of leg injuries. 

 Product Specifications 

  • Overall Dimensions –32” long x 4.50” wide
  • Base Layer – Spandex 2 way stretch material
  • Closure System – Low Profile hook and loop 

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